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Psychiatric Nurses' Pledge

I DO HEREBY PLEDGE my wholehearted service to those entrusted to my care . . . endeavoring at all times to understand the patient's individual emotional and physical needs and differences . . . To that end, I will strive for skill in the fulfillment of my duty, holding sacred and inviolate all confidences entrusted to me.

I PROMISE to respect the personal rights and privileges of my patient, and to do all in my power to prevent or alleviate physical or psychological discomfort.

I WILL always be kind, tolerant and just . . . I will endeavor to cultivate a keen sense of observation and an understanding attitude.

I ACKNOWLEDGE the dignity of my profession and accept the obligation it implies . . . I will faithfully perform my duties, and will give the utmost in co-operation to those persons with whom I associate in ministering to the mentally ill.



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