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Nursing Theory
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Nursing Theory Page

This site is the home base for an international call from nurses to develop an information centre related to nursing theory and nurse theorists.  Plenty of effort and planning has gone into this site and there is many links to various sites devoted to various theories and models of nursing.  Several nurse theorists have homepages connected to this site.

Dorthea Orem - Self Care Deficit Model

This site is devoted to the self-care deficit model of nursing
.  This site includes links to Orem based schools of nursing, subscriptions to on-line newsletters and a discussion list which functions as a message board to post and respond to questions related to this model of nursing.

Rosemarie Parse - Human Becoming Model

This site is devoted to the Human Becoming Model of Nursing theory.
  This site includes a discussion forum, a listing of theses and dissertations related to Parse's model as well as a brief overview of the model.  This site is sparse on information and links but is worth a look if this is where your focus or interest is.

Betty Neuman - Health Care Systems Model

This site is devoted to the Health Care Systems Model Theory of Nursing.  This is the model currently being used by Douglas College in New Westminster British Columbia.  The site includes an overview description of the model including an accounting of the models historical origins.  The links and information is sparse.

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